Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 2

DAY 2: JANUARY 2, 2009
I didn't have internet last night so I couldn't post it up but nonetheless, here it is.

Last night we went to First Fridays down by the King William area. The King William area is the part of town with the oldest houses...GORGEOUS HUGE houses. I've lived in San Antonio for 24 years and have never been there. Well, it was GORGEOUS. So anyway First Friday is obviously held the first Friday of every month and people just get together to sell artsy things, play music, drink and talk. It was okay...not what I expected. But anyway...the picture I took was of this beautiful display out in someone's front lawn. It was so beautifully lit and appeared to have been handcarved. Pretty right?


  1. Crystal this is beautiful! makes me want to get some wood and start cutting!