Monday, December 29, 2008

No Time To Sit

Today Jeffrey and I spent the day out and about searching for records from our Baptism, Communion, and Confirmation. I called my former church 1 1/2 weeks ago and expected a phone call, which I never received, so I called again today and I get there to pick it up...they spelled my name wrong PLUS they wrote the wrong Baptismal date. ARGH! Then with Jeffrey's, we went to his church and they told him that his paperwork would be ready after noon...We get there at 12:10 and well, let's just say she hadn't even started it! ARGH ARGH! You would think that these churches would work much more efficiently than they are handling themselves, geez...that's why I've got a new parish after 23 years of being a member of the same church we finally moved to a new church that we are completely content with! YEAH! Well, anyway, so as I was saying the next disapointment had to do with the priest that will be marrying Jeffrey and myself. I had previously spoken to him before so that Jeff and I could call him during his Christmas vacation so that we could setup an appointment to meet with him and get the ball rolling on the Marriage Ceremony. So anyway, I told Jeffrey, "let's just call him, we should call him first and setup the appointment." But rather than listen to me he says, no I just wanna setup the appointment at the church, so let's just go there. So I gave in, we get there and the secretary says, "Oh, well, you would need to call to setup an appointment. I would send you to him but he's got a client with him at the moment, so you'll just need to call us back." ARGH ARGH ARGH! I TOLD HIM! But noooooooo...he never listens to me. So anyway, we called the priest, left him a message, a few hours we get a callback from him, tells us he'll call us right back...12:00AM and we never received a phone call. =( So hopefully he'll get back with us tomorrow, otherwise we'll just have to call him again tomorrow. Then we've gotta go back to our parish's tomorrow and pickup our certificates. ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH!! Now, I get to rest...

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  1. I have to tell you getting married is the most stressful thing there is. If you can survive that you can survive anything! My husband and I have now been married 21 years and it is wonderful :)
    Good Luck.