Monday, December 22, 2008

Surprise First Dance!

Has anyone ever heard of these? The dances that sometimes start off as slow dances between the bride and groom, then suddenly turn out to an ensemble of a variety of different clips of music from Disco to Hip Hop. Jeffrey just sent me a link to a few of those kinds of dances and I think they're ADORABLE! Jeff and I are DEFINATELY a fun couple, we're not an ordinary couple by any means, so I think that a dance like this is something that our friends and family would definately enjoy. You'll be able to see our humor in alot of what we do in our wedding and just our ordinary day in and day out. That's just how we are! We like to laugh and we love to make others do the same!

These are my top three favorite videos I've seen:

So has anyone else ever heard of them before? Have you seen them in person? Are you planning on doing this at your wedding, or have you done this already? Where should I look to help with the choreography of this, or mixing of the music? Do you even think this is a cute idea? WHAT DO YOU LADIES THINK??


  1. Congratulations!! Sounds like your wedding will be filled with fun and an event to remember!!

  2. Wow!!! If I ever get married again, I would definitely do this!!!!! How fun!!! I have not been to a wedding in a long time (and I am old too) but I think it is a great idea!!!!

  3. MERRY CHRISTMAS Crystal and many warm holiday blessings, to you and your family.

    Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I am truly blessed.

    Have a safe and beautiful New Years in Jesus!

    God Bless~